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The Islam-Eurasia-L listserv is a means for exchanging information on the society and culture of Islam in various parts of Eurasia, including especially Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Volga Basin and neighboring regions.

The focus of this list is on the present and recent past -- especially the post-Soviet period -- though of course history is important for understanding the present -- especially Soviet-era history (See the Project Overview for more details about the focus of the Project).  This Project does not avoid issues of politics, especially as society, politics, culture and religion are intertwined (not least in the case of Islam), but the focus is on social phenomena as they affect the lives and views of ordinary people -- not on political phenomena (especially the problem of conflict between states and Muslim groups, which has been the overwhelming focus of attention in post-Soviet Muslim Eurasia), and not on the actions of governments or opposition movements.

The focus is thus on the ways that ordinary people in Eurasia are reconceptualizing the role of Islam in their societies. This has many dimensions, ranging from spiritual explorations and efforts to reinvigorate traditions of Islamic learning, to efforts to reassert the role of traditional practices and institutions in society, to create a rapprochement with the wider Islamic world on various levels, and to define a new relationship between Islam and secular orientations of society, among other issues.  The region is going through tremendous change and ferment in this realm, and the effort to understand this change is both extremely fascinating and highly important for the region's future.

Members of the Islam-Eurasia-L exchange information on these topics with the list's membership. As a member, one receives all the information that others share with the list, and one may post information oneself as well. Postings generally include information about available publications on the topic, announcements about relevant events and resources, news, observations and analysis. The list is moderated and the moderators are in charge of ensuring that postings are relevant and appropriate for the list (i.e., not "spam", "flames", etc.).

The purpose of this information exchange is to seek a better understanding of the different visions of Islam and different approaches to observing the religion that may be seen in Eurasia today.  Those who adhere to one or another view of Islam are of course welcome to participate in Islam-Eurasia-L and to further the discussion.  It is not the purpose of Islam-Eurasia-L to be a forum for claims that one or another view of Islam is "correct" or "incorrect", because this is a matter of individual personal belief and not of scholarly discussion.  The moderators will ensure that postings which make such claims are not admitted to the discussion.  We welcome contributions that help us to understand the diversity of views, and scholarly debate is welcome that helps to clarify this picture, but this is not the place to promote or defeat a certain approach to Islamic belief.

In order to make the information exchange as open as possible, we will accept postings in English and Russian, as the languages which are common to many in the region and are the dominant languages of scholarship on the subject.

Thank you for your interest!

John Schoeberlein
Director, Project on Islam in Eurasia and Program on Central Asia and the Caucasus

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